Why You Need to Experience Bobsledding in Park City

If you’ve ever dreamed of zipping around a bobsled track like an Olympic athlete, there’s only one place you need to be. Park City, home to some of the 2002 Winter Olympic events, offers an authentic experience unlike what you’ll find at any other facility in the country. Whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter, you’ll be able to enjoy an exciting ride. Discover why you need to purchase a ticket to the Park City bobsled ride and preview some of the other things you can do at Utah Olympic Park!

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What Is the Park City Olympic Park?

One of the venues for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games transformed into a hub of family-friendly attractions. In the summer, the Olympic Park features obstacle courses, drop towers, and airbag jumps. In the winter, you can watch professional skiers and snowboarders train. If you want to get in on the action, you can slide down the Nordic track (when it’s not in use) on an inflatable tube. In both seasons, you can experience the thrill of a bobsled ride led by a professional pilot. 

Enjoy the Ride of Your Life at the Park City Bobsled Track

The Winter Experience 

Bobsledding probably isn’t on the average list of things to do in the wintertime. Then again, Park City isn’t your ordinary destination. Riders 16 or older (who also weigh over 100 pounds) can purchase their ticket to this unique experience. It’s open from December 18 to March 31 (closed on Christmas and New Years’ Day). This is an extremely popular attraction, so reservations are required. The winter rate for the bobsled ride is $175.

The Summer Experience

Bobsledding isn’t just a cold-weather attraction in Park City. You can enjoy the adrenaline rush of zipping around the track all-year-round! During the warmer months, the bobsleds are altered to roll instead of glide on the track. That means that you’ll be able to reach those same high speeds as you would in the winter! Again, you have to meet the height and rate requirements to ride. Tickets are just $80, but you can add it to your Gold Pass purchase for just $40. The summer track is open every day from May 20 to September 2. From September 7 to September 22, the track is only open on the weekends. Reservations are not required, so you can purchase your admission while you’re at the park. However, you can save 10% if you book online! The Gold Pass deal, though, is in-person only.

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