Park City Weather: 4 Spectacular Reasons to See All the Seasons

Park City Weather is gorgeous all year long and has plenty of things to do for outdoor adventure-seekers. Enjoy many snowbound activities like skiing and snowshoeing. It also has indoor recreational activities, like fascinating museums and events, that give you the best vacation experience no matter what season you come to Park City. Want to know more about the weather and things to do each season? Keep reading for everything you need to know to have a great time!

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4 Spectacular Seasons of Great Fun in Park City Weather!

What is the weather like in Park City, UT?

The weather in Park City, UT, is generally sunny and hot in the summer, cold and overcast in the winter, and receives precipitation in spring and fall, making them the wetter months on average.


tubing in Park CityIn the winter, temperatures average around 35˚F during the day and 14˚F during the night! You can expect a lot of overcast, snow, and cold. You may want to bring your warmest jacket, hat, gloves, and scarf, so you don’t freeze!

But this weather is perfect for all the great winter activities in Park City! From November to March, it snows the most, with averages ranging from 20″ to 65″ and yearly averages anywhere from 180″ to 400″! That’s a lot of snow and one of the reasons Park City is such a popular place!

If you love winter skiing, this is one of the best places to visit, with two resorts right next to each other so that you can hop from one to the other easily! But skiing isn’t all there is to offer. Here are some of the many exciting activities you can do in the winter in Park City!

Park City Weather in Spring

deer valley ski schoolIn springtime, the temperatures start slowly warming up, causing the snow to become heavier and wetter. During this season, it can snow or rain, or even be a mix of both.

The temperatures are somewhat more fluctuating than winter and summer and can be from 44˚- 64˚ during the day. And at night, they can fluctuate between 23˚-35˚. It’s a good idea to bring layers of clothes during the spring to layer up or down as needed with the weather.

Some winter activities, like skiing, are still available during the spring, and other activities, depending on the weather, can be available all year long. Like the other seasons, there are plenty of interesting and exciting spring activities. Here are some of the favorites we recommend as part of your spring vacation itinerary!

Summer in Park City

park city alpine slideThe summer months are often hot, dry, and glorious for enjoying plenty of things to do. The night temperatures get around 40˚-50˚, and daytime temperatures can get up to around 75˚-81˚. As summer goes on, there is less rain until late summer becomes the driest part of the season.

Due to Park City’s higher elevation, you should bring a higher SPF sunscreen. Higher elevations are more exposed to ultraviolet radiation, so buying a full-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen and lip balm for the ultimate protection on vacation is best.

Summer is an excellent time to enjoy trails, forests, rivers, and many outdoor events in Park City! You can go biking, horseback riding, and try the Alpine Slide! But since Park City is so versatile in terrain, there are endless other things to do for summer activities. Check out this list of a few of our favorites!

Park City in the Fall

focus 4As late summer wanes into the beginning of fall, the temperatures start to drop, which triggers the season’s change. We see the spectacular fall show of the leaves changing to stunning colors against the bright blue Utah skies. Temperatures around this time of year fluctuate, similar to the spring. Only now, they’re cooling off as the days get shorter.

Usually, daytime temps are around 71˚ at the beginning of fall and dwindle to 44˚ by November. Nighttime temps range from 40˚ and drop to 21˚. Like spring, this time of year, you may want to dress in layers so you can layer up or down according to the weather and keep your body temperature right during all the fun activities you enjoy.

Enjoy scenic drives, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, fishing, and all the best fall activities in Park City. Check out the fall colors on scenic hikes or drives and explore other things to do in the fall. Here are some of our favorites you may like too!

There is so much to do in and around Park City, UT, that you must come here to experience this vibrant, active, and friendly town to see for yourself. Our community has fantastic things going on, like free Live Music year-round, excellent restaurants to try, and incredible attractions to visit. Follow our blog to learn more about all Park City has to offer!

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